The Face of a Man That Fears For His Life


RoosterTeeth DVD’s anti piracy warnings


RoosterTeeth DVD’s anti piracy warnings


ok i made a nicer lookin version of this drawing from that last seamonkeys thing cause i liked how it came out and thought itd look nice alone and shaded


wash shaming


I grabbed some palettes from all over and made a big fat list of them because I’m starting the color palette challenge. So send me a number and a character and I’ll (possibly, depends on time and junk) draw them in that color scheme. 


wtf did i just watch




someone who doesn’t watch RWBY, explain what’s going on in this screenshot.

First we must examine the title RWBY which stands for “Radical Wearing Boots Yeah”. In this moment the girl in the white just got new boots and is showing her friends the great grip her boots have. She also runs a snowboarding resort in the mountains and is proposing “Chair Boarding” as a new wintertime sport. The orange-y girl is smitten not only by the girl in the white, who she is in love with, but also by the remarkable grip on her boots. The orange-y girl’s boots don’t have nearly as much grip and she cannot even stand up straight. The girl in the red is less concerned with the sport than she is with the chair itself, as this is her room (which is obvious by the massive amount of red) and it is the only chair in the room. She lived through a chair-less room before and lived, for which she won her merit patch belt buckle “The Chairless Life” which is lavishly adorned on with the absence of a chair. She does not want to live in a chair-less room again, but she trusts her friend. The girl in the black is not actually looking at the girl in the white, but at the precariously hanging bed in the background which belongs to the girl in the white. She cannot actually see the girl in the white because she blends in with the white blanket draped over the bed. She is unimportant in this screenshot as you cannot see her boots. 

This is the best one everyone else go home.

This is priceless



What a lovely Team Build


i lost the loudest shit at this joke last night

and in the morning is a shitty animation to go along with it



Sun Wukong is very important